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Course Modules | Recruitment Training.

The Speciality and Most Unique Thing Of This Training is 'The Tasks' designed for you.You will have a close look of recruitment challenges and different aspects while performing the Tasks.These are designed by the well experienced professionals in MNC companies.

  • Module 1 (Introduction to Recruitment) [Theory + Practical]
  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts of Recruitment
  • Market Study [Practical]
  • Industrial Research
  • Case Study Preparation
  • Scope of Recruitment
  •    Task No. One

  • Module 2 (Recruitment Skills) [Theory + Practical]
  • Introduction to JOB Portals
  • Use of Portals
  • Search Strategies
  • Job/Profile analysis
  • Leads generations
  • Screening Strategies
  • Follow up
  • Social Recruitment
  • Advanced Recruitment Skills
  • Head Hunting
  • Social Sites Updates
  • Job postings on social networks
  • Database Maintenance
  • Task No. Two

  • Module 3 (Client Coordination) [Theory + Practical]
  • Regular Interaction with Clients
  • Analyzing the need of clients
  • Scheduling / Drives
  • Client Relationship
  • Regular follow up with both the sides
  • Good and clear communication
  • SPOC (Single Point of Contact)
  • Feedback Maintenance
  • Task No. Three

  • Module 4 (Self Improvement and Mind setup)
  • Task performance
  • Case studies
  • Motivational lectures
  • The Secret.( A Movie : 2 Hour )
  • Last Lecture on Application of the teaching of Movie In to Recruitment.
  • Final Task


Its An Introductory Module

You will have fair idea about Recruitment Procedure.

Mainly in this module you will have information about Industries in India.

You will have the Knowledge of Market first where you are going to recruit.

The task One Is designed to study corporate Industries in India

By the end of this Module, You will be having all information about Industries In India.Which is Prime quality of any recruiter.


Its Totally About Recruitment Skills

You will be having Deep Knowledge and Practice on Various Job Portals.

A close look at recruitment Terminologies.

Advanced Recruitment skills like Head Hunting are Performed Here.

Complete the Task Two and you will have actual working experience.

By the end of this Module You Will be expert in Portal handling and Recruitment Skills.


Its about Client Coordination.

A skilled Recruiter is have to be the good Coordinator for COmpany and candidates.

You will be having close look at what company HR heads expect from a Recruiter.

By the end of the Task Four, You are ready to work on current Live positions.


Its about Your Confidence and Mind Set up.

A skilled Recruiter must be full of energy and Positive Mind Set.

Most of the Training Programs Miss this but HR Professionals in MNC's gives First priority to This Quality of a Recruiter.

By the end of the Task Four, You are ready to work on current Live positions.

"Stage By stage Progress, information and Practice is always been the right way of Training "