What is the Scope & what are the salaries people get in Recruitment Career?

• In almost all the corporate among the HR Professionals 90% are recruiters now.
• In more than 35000+ Consultancies in INDIA are having 96% of recruiters and 4% Other HR Professionals.
• We all know that Job searching and getting a right career is a big task now. Things like recession, Price cuttings and Dollar Rates have only increased problems for new talents; fresher’s to even start their career.
• Every industry wants a candidate with ample amount of experience. Nobody wants to hire fresher. There are fewer openings and more resources seeking for jobs.
• With all this chaos in the Market one thing is getting emerged as a strong career option for students as well as a prime need for industries to hire perfect candidate and that is Recruitment.
• Every Industry is looking to hire best talent available in the market. For that they need recruiters who can recruit for them a perfect talent and Build an expert manpower for their company.
• The importance of Recruitment is increased because searching the best talent from numbers of available candidates needs special skills. There are Ample Job Opportunities in HR, Recruitment (IT & Non IT) and Payroll as All Corporate in all Industries has large HR, Recruitment & Payroll Teams.
There are over 35,000 + Recruitment Consultants who mainly deploy people in HR/ Recruitment to full fill their Manpower needs.
• Industries are now investing a handsome amount into recruitment. So pay will be good and of course better with more skills after your training.

Is Recruitment Career better than HR Career as Generalist? Can anyone move from Recruitment to an HR Generalist role later?

• Every MBA fresher or HR graduates expect to work on generalist profile. But as a matter of fact to switch to generalist profile you need ample amount of experience into all aspects of HR.
• Proper HR Generalist role starts after say 4-6 yrs of experience in the HR field especially into Recruitment.
• Being a Fresher or say a 2 yrs experience person, one hardly gets an opportunity to work in any of these core and challenging HR roles.
• But nowadays with increasing importance of recruitment HR generalists are also involved into recruitment activities with large extend.
• Recruitment skills are priorities for any HR Aspects even for Generalist profile.
• After Being in Recruitment for few years anyone can make his move towards Generalist Profile.
• Recruitment will be always the base of any HR Aspect and working.
• Recruitment is the only profile wherein a person is involved in a very important aspect of recruiting people for the company, which is an extremely important role for any and every company simply because every company needs to hire good quality people.

Is Recruitment a Good Career for any graduate?

• IT Recruitment or Engineering/ Technical Recruitment is a field in which companies highly prefer people coming from technical backgrounds like BE/ B. Tech/ MCA/ BCA etc. These people normally grow even faster than MBA's because they are able to grasp technology and technical things faster than a Non Technically qualified person like MBA.
• For Non technical Graduates, looking at the market scenario only Recruitment is emerging as the priority of corporate world and with high demand of skilled recruiters.
• Any graduate is eligible for recruitment no need of MBA or special kind of PG course.
• Recruitment is the best career option for non technical backgrounds especially from Job availability and Future Growth Point of view.

MBA / BE / BBA Graduates need this training?

• No MBA Institute or other HR Courses provides Practical Expertise & Corporate like exposure in HR, Recruitment.
• In MBA, primarily theories are taught and topics covered are normally not directly usable by Corporate for their core work.
• They may provide theoretical knowledge on Recruitment, Types of Recruitment etc. but do not impart training on How it is Done, Practically with latest developments, tools, technologies & Job Portals.
• There is no need of MBA to become A Recruiter. Any Graduate is eligible for Recruiter position provided he should be a skilled recruiter.
• For becoming a skilled recruiter you will need this training to face the practical aspects of recruitment.
• Our Training is specially designed to make it highly practical, interactive and Task based.

I am an Experienced Recruiter, do you have weekend classes?

Yes we do have week end Batches. Please contact for more details.

What is the Duration and Timing?

For weekday batches: 5 days a week - 2Hours daily. For weekend Batches: Please Contact for Details.

What are the Tasks in Training Program?

Task will be explained to you on your personal visit.

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

- Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of GE and author